Indie | 22 | He/him


brown uni student from canadai like games and anime and will sometimes draw fanart for said things. be warned i change interests super quickly!!I'm not active all the time, but i really do like interacting with people so feel free to talk to me about whatever ^^


- minors please use your own discretion before following. i don't draw anything explicit and i generally use content warnings, but i'm also a full adult and the media i'm interested in will reflect that.- i do like shpping and i have fun drawing things i like. that being said, i don't want to be involved in "shipping dicourse". i get that there's nuance to things and whatever but for the sake of enjoying myself on line: I am very uncomfortable with incest or large age gap content, and i don't want my art to circulate in communities that engage with this stuff. this means i actively block accts with any mention of proshipping :p

current Interests

-this list changes all the time!!
- Zero escape: i'm bad at warning for spoilers, sorry in advance!
- Hunter x hunter
- 13 sentinels
- SMT nocturne
- chainsaw man (just power aki angel and denji though sorry)
- ace attorney: 1-4 + dgs 1-2
- land of the lustrous
- no home webtoon
- blue period
- ace of diamond
- cookie run
- A3! : only on my personal/rt acct
- Ichu : Only on my persona/rt acct